A long day

Set Designers: Arash Baghipour – Kaveh Kazemzadeh
Director: Babak BahramBeygi
Director of Photography: MohamadReza Teimouri


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Having returned to Iran after years, along with his brother, Shaheen pays a short visit to his hometown, and unwittingly becomes involved with one of his brother’s business adventures…

It is my first set design experience. I read the script, and since it was a realistic drama with an engaging artistic approach, I became highly interested in being a part of the team.
The producers of A Long Day wanted to shoot in a small city. Our preference was to shoot at real locations, and we did not have much time for location scouting. Eventually, most of the shootings took place in my hometown (Qazvin). Also, to share the workload, we made a team of two for set design.
We found perfect locations for most of the exterior shots. For interiors, we tried to find the best possible locations to shoot with the minimum number of changes on the set. Yet, we had to design a space entirely for some scenes. For instance, we turned a prayer room into a police station corridor or a sitting room into an office. A couple of such conversions happened by changing the decoration and adding decent accessories and props. I enjoyed doing this at the time, and it somehow sparked my interest in design for films.