Like a whale among the waves

FEATURE FILM – 2020 (post-production phase)
Set and Costume Designer: Arash Baghipour
Director: MohammadHossin Jafari MoghaddamFard
Director of Photography: MohammadReza Teimouri

On the road for a while, along with his father, a truck driver, a teenager has missed home…

Like a whale… is a “slow” movie with a one-hour-long POV shot. It is all about being on the road and listening to music. The Opening shot is a 3-min extreme long shot of a restaurant and the truck. We turned an abandoned, ruined building into a restaurant to achieve the desired composition and atmosphere. For this matter, I designed the texture of the exterior wall, the window frame, interior space, decoration, and accessories to help make the context and illustrate the “ONLY MEN” lifestyle. Additionally, the idea of the film was based on a personal experience, and the director wanted the restaurant to be like his memories of twenty years ago. So, I researched the styles and architectural elements of the period and tried to incorporate them into my design.