Now We Can Stay

Director and Production Designer: Arash Baghipour


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Four friends go on a trip for holidays. One of them (Mohammad) is constipated and suffers from bowel problems, but he doesn’t want to tell his friends that he can’t enjoy the trip. This affects his friends and also their journey.

Director’s Statement:
Life is full of surprises: things don’t always go as we want and our plans seem useless in the end. Both external and internal factors could adversely affect the plan. These factors are sometimes mixed and complicated, which makes it hard to distinguish how things worked against our expectations. No We Can Stay (NWCS) superbly depicts an example of these scenarios in life. In NWCS, the dramatic knot may seem to be a physiological problem, but it is deeply grounded in subjective concerns. The main character’s (Mohammad) inner struggle, is somehow undramatic perhaps because it has happened to almost everybody. In a way that it might even have a great potential for comedy. Nonetheless, in NWCS, I tried to dramatize it by presenting Mohammad’s loneliness, isolation, and narrative focalization to gain the audience’s sympathy for him.
The film stands between two opposing conditions: [ i) Mohammad is sad while his friends are happy, and ii) Mohammad is happy while his friends are sad]. There are symmetrical elements in the story, which I tried to emphasize in my directing approach. Graphical expression in the aerial shots, highlighting the contrast by using colors, aesthetic visual pollution through foreground/background elements in the opening shots, modern hand-held camerawork, and different decoupage approach for individual scenes with Mohammad in contrast to his group scenes are some of my strategies. I believe these techniques helped to portray the miserable situation of the main character and spotlight the final twist.

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