Persian Gulf Cultural and Entertainment Complex

Noisy and crowded streets and high-rise buildings engulf Tehran’s ten million residents. This artificial lake is an escape for families, a sanctuary for some peace and relaxation. Visitors of this seashell-inspired complex are welcomed by the reminiscent melody of ocean by this artificial lake.

Formation of the Shape

1. The raw idea was based on simple circular form to signify the dynamism of water.

2. Spiral form was inspired by the shape of seashells.

3. The building was enfolded along an undulated path, to conceptually rise from the ground and then descend back to it.

4. One cylinder is elevated to include main spaces such as the amphitheater and another one is lowered to develop an open amphitheater.

Nature-Inspired Forms as a Solution
The undulated design captures the dynamism of water surface, the playful wave motions, and is also inspired by the spiral form of seashells.
Many open space areas were developed with the goal of designing an attractive outdoor area to encourage visitors to stay away from indoors if the weather permits.
This design will address the visitors’ needs who come here to enjoy the view of the lake and the refreshing cool breeze during hot summer days and prefer to be out of their living boxes for some fun.