Scenic Designer: Arash Baghipour
Director: Meisam Muini
Director of Photography: Ramtin Firuzian

A man starts his day with a headache like everybody else. It seems that he is ignoring his headache, but he suffers from some vague flash memories which tell about an abduction in a closely observed society.

Pupil is a dystopian drama narrated in reverse chronology in five segments in a possible future (maybe in the Middle East). So, we needed to put dystopian and post-apocalyptic elements in the film. It was a real challenge at first glance because such productions seem to be very expensive. But we were unable to afford the budget that is usually spent for such movies. So, I started to think and design without being concerned about the obstacles of construction or decoration, then I evaluated our budget for the art department.

I believe, this way, a designer can achieve a better understanding of the project’s potential. Although we had to ignore some of my designs because of budget limitations, the final look of the film was close to our ideas. The main problem was that we had to turn an old-fashioned Iranian apartment into a condo in the script’s future world, so we needed to change almost everything. In this matter, we decided to keep things simple and delete any familiar element in the apartment. In some cases, we were forced to work with pre-made accessories, so I tried to change the look to avoid making a brand-new version of that item and stay within the budget.