The Fisherman

The Fisherman
SHORT FILM – (In progress)
Director and Production Designer: Arash Baghipour

A small, quiet pond located at the foot of a mountain; The barking of several dogs can be heard in the distance. An old man approaches the pond from the hills and throws his fishing hook into the pond. A dog follows him and sits next to him. The fisherman waits. The bait is eaten, but the fish is not trapped. The fisherman tries again. He gets tired, tired of waiting. The air is getting dark. The sound of thunder. The fisherman gathers his hook and leaves. The dog follows him. There is a small and quiet pond at the foot of the mountain. The wind blows in the reeds. The air is dark.

Director’s Statement:
In the history of cinema, there have always been some points where filmmakers—realizing the differences between screening in theaters and what happens outside—tried to create more lifelike films. With the growing number of images, today’s technological modern life is overwhelmingly filled with lights, colors, and information that invade us, which makes movies more lively than life itself. Mainstream movies perfectly represent this phenomenon. I am convinced that cinema can surely go beyond that by skipping restraints such as: having a story or even a plot, speed in actions, engaging rhythm, dialogue, events, professional actors, music, and exuberant scenery. Accordingly, not only films are still spectacular, but perhaps cinema, being free from theater, literature, painting, music, and other arts, can get closer to its nature: the magic of a moving image. In the age of rapid world, when human beings have been heavily invaded by images, it is a moral imperative and a method of resistance to address issues that criticize the zeitgeist.
I consider The Fisherman a film of contemporary contemplative cinema or slow cinema and dedicated my master’s thesis to synthesize this topic. In my analysis, I have tried to bring up the importance of the man and nature relationship into the film world with the context of everyday life experience, by emphasizing on the actual time. The old fisherman character in the movie is an ordinary human being who—like all the livings—gets his sustenance from nature. He is also a small part of nature and can interact with its constituents, but he is nothing compared to the greatness of nature. This could be the essence of the film. Regarding that, in addition to employing minimalism, I tried to make everything in its natural form without exaggeration. This is because nature for me is still more inspiring than anything else. An extreme extreme long shot, yet could not properly frame nature. Maybe there is not much visible action to exhibit in The Fisherman’s single static shot, but emphasizing the passing time provides the audience with more time to contemplate.