Visual Storytelling​

To me, photography is a tool to capture people’s moods, details of events, and aspects of environments to illustrate stories. When my brother gave me my first 35mm film camera for my 13th birthday, I started to take photographs without knowing where to point the camera. My understanding of using a camera was raw and innocent, and I was trying to see things through the viewfinder of this eye-like tool. Now, after using several digital and analog cameras, I believe that a photo is initially born in the mind of a photographer, regardless of what camera is used. Of course, the type of camera or lens can considerably impact the nature of photographs, but ideas build the foundation of a photograph.
What fascinates me about Point & Shoot Cameras is that you can capture the Decisive Moment rapidly and without being concerned about the settings or framing. This feature of such cameras usually results in novel compositions, accidental juxtapositions, and natural Mise-en-Scene. Moreover, the small-sized body with an internal flash and wide-angle lens has made them a perfect choice for interior spaces and dim light photography. That is the reason why I am still satisfied with the moments I captured with my analog point-and-shoot camera in the past five years. The following are a selection of my photographs focused on visual storytelling.